Make Proper Decision by Knowing Which is Better

We ask this question “which is better” many times when we are in a dilemma about which one to choose between two things. ‘Better’ means desirable or suitable or of superior quality, valuable or pleasing. The word ‘better’ is used for comparing. ‘Which is better’ means which is superior to another; which is of excellent quality than the other; which is more skilled than the other; or which works better than the other. After comparing two things, items or works, we come to a conclusion about which is better of the two or easier to use.
We use the technique of compare and contrast to find out which is better. Compare means finding how two things are similar, and contrast means finding how two things are different. By understanding about the similarities and dissimilarities, we can connect those things and judge which is better.
Comparing and contrasting enables us to make a better choice between things and decide which is better. There are many sites available on the internet, which give information about pros and cons of different things to compare. Some websites give opinions of people who have used those particular products or have experience of doing those things. Some sites conduct opinion polls or surveys to get feedback from people about the things. The amount of votes or results of the survey help us to decide what to choose, and which is better.
Opinion polls and surveys are conducted on a wide range of subjects under various categories. Categories can include home, decor, vehicles, electronics, technology, education, sports, entertainment, loan schemes, tourism, health, food and many other things. Here, people get to vote between two items or choices, or they can convey their opinion about the pros and cons of the two items. People do this on the basis of their experience, preference and judgment. Others can take all these things into consideration and come to a decision regarding which is better.
The following are a few examples by category, about what people generally want to know which is better:

1. Vehicle:
• Mercedes or Cadillac?
• Sedan or SUV?
• Gas or Diesel?

2. Health:
• Tea or Coffee?
• Butter or Margarine?
• Walking or elliptical?

3. Technology:
• Android or iOS?
• Windows or Linux?
• Laser or Inkjet?

4. Places:
• New York or San Francisco?
• Melbourne or Adelaide?
• Paris or London?

5. Education:
• Psychology or Psychiatry?
• Yale or Stanford?
• Regular or Distance Learning?

6. Electronics:
• Cannon or Nikon?
• iPhone or Samsung Phone?

7. Sports:
• Sports Drinks or Water?
• Sports or Video Games?
• Sports or Music?

8. General:
• Blogger or WordPress?
• Love or infatuation?
• Health or Wealth?

If we know beforehand that a particular product is better, we can take that into consideration while buying that product. If we know which tourist destination is better, we can choose where to spend our holidays. Knowing which is better helps us to get a better perspective, and we can act accordingly.


2 thoughts on “Make Proper Decision by Knowing Which is Better

  1. I completely agree that when we compare two things, It allows us to choose the better one. Comparing and contrasting is really important to decide which product is better for us. Internet plays very important role to pick and choose the right product for the complete satisfaction. I also prefer comparing items by voting or by poll so that I feel confident about buying a product. Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. Indeed. i’ve been experienced this many time. Voting surveys in many sites. We have this lesson in my college time, but I just clearly understand what is compare in contrast in real life. Thanks for this. New stock knowledge. 🙂

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