Internet Freelance Jobs– Content Writing

Content is King. You must have heard this sentence. This is not only a group of words but also contain huge significance in internet freelance jobs sector. If you are a freelance professional, you should be familiar with the word “SEO”. Once a time when SEO professionals understood only link building as SEO. The more links the more chances to get effective results in search engine, a common perception was established among SEO professionals just one or two years ago. Only this technique is useless now, nothing but wasting time!

Today, for SEO, one has to do lots of things. I will share details in my next post, don’t worry. Let’s back to content writing in internet freelance jobs. Unique and high quality content writing and publishing is the most important task for today’s SEO. Google, the search engine that already gained the 80% participation among thousands of search engines, have changed their search engine optimization policy through Google Panda, Penguin and recently Hummingbird update. The basic ideas of all updates are emphasizing the relevant, unique and high quality content.

If the above sentences are not sufficient enough to make you clear about the importance of original content writing in internet freelance jobs, then there is a simply statement for you. Google or other search engines only reward those sites who filled with most unique and high quality contents, high quality and relevant incoming links and proper on page SEO optimization.

Backlinks from high PR sources or sites such as Article directories, web 2.0 sites, press release sites, Q&A sites, Social bookmarking sites are important but if you post an average content and get a backlink to your sites then it will be useless for you. As I said earlier, Google or any other search engine only give rewards those sites that practicing with original and high quality content. For this reason, there a large door now opens for freelance writers in internet freelance jobs.

Today in every freelance platform, you will find lots of content writing internet freelance jobs available which range is $1-$20 for per article. I have considered $1 as lowest price for per article but it depends on the contract between an employer and a contractor. The common practice about price range is $1-$5 for per article that depends on employer requirements and contractor’s quality. Anyway, the price range for per article differs in difference freelance platform. The fact is the increasing quantity of content writing jobs. It has been found through a recent survey that the demand of content writing as internet freelance jobs are growing day by day.


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