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In recent days, We are going to be more dependent on virtual solution than earlier days. Peoples are going to be more and more busy with their work and it is creating the opportunity of many virtual assistance jobs. Let me share you what is virtual assistant.

Suppose, you have too much work pressure and you are fully loaded with tons of work, however, you have not enough time to do it yourself. In this situation, you need an assistance from someone who will do some extra works ( assigned by you ) on behalf of you. You will give the access into your files and other required documents to that person who will perform it. In recent days, many busy peoples are hunting for virtual assistant to perform some of their assigned work such as email corresponding, email filtering and reply, organize work schedule, data entry, reporting, presentation etc etc.

Now find the growing prospective of virtual assistant jobs. The world is going much faster than we expected. In today’s busy world, there is not enough time to maintain everything for a single person. So, obviously an assistant is a growing demand for them, Except physical labor, most of the desk related jobs can be outsourced through virtual assistance. Outsourcing also provide the opportunity of selecting peoples through a competitive rate. So, peoples will have a tend to do outsource some of their jobs. By this way, the demand of virtual assistant jobs will grow much more in future than present days.

Let’s make focus on the basic requirements for a virtual assistant job,

1) Expert in communication.

2) Should have extraordinary capacity to consume any new work.

3) Deadline oriented.

Now look at below the popular virtual assistant jobs across the web in recent days.

1) Data entry

2) Maintaining social media, SMM

3) Email shorting and reply.

4) Writing

5) Surveys, etc. (more…)


In recent days, many young peoples, housewives, student or unemployed peoples are desperately looking for freelance jobs for various reasons. Financial reason is one of the most vital reasons, occasionally, some peoples join this platform to utilize their idol time and their skills. However, most of the peoples come in this platform to do something but finish their journey with failure. Some get one or two jobs and finish their journey as a freelancer, some others finish their journey without any jobs in their basket.  What are the reasons behind it? Below you will find some important reasons which make a new freelancer to become failure in this field.

1) Lack of patience

2) Inadequate skills

3) Doing to much bid in non-related jobs.

4) Timing

5) Lack of professionalism in work.

6) Lack of communication skill.

Please find below some important tips to become an effective freelancer.

1) Do bid in those jobs which are related to your most favorite skills.

2) Try and try again. Don’t lose your patience. You will definitely get your first freelance job.

3) Improve your communication skill.

4) Be polite while communicating with buyer/employer.

5) Never miss the deadline of a job.

6) No copy paste cover letter to bid a job. Use your own unique cover letter. Make sure that there are no grammar and spelling mistakes in your cover letter.

7) Use a smiley photo in your profile and provide a good summary including your skills.

8) Don’t try to make fool your prospective employer during an interview.

9) Be honest with your work and commitment.

10) Before bidding a job, please read the job description carefully to get an idea about the demand of an employer.

For now, follow the above instructions if you are  a new or struggling freelancer. I will come with a detail post very soon. Keep visiting our site to get updated post.

A common dialogue in freelancing became popular since last couples of years, that is, I am my own boss! The peoples who agreed with this statement must have a reason behind it. A traditional job means 9 am to 5 pm office, right? But on the other hand, a freelancer usually doesn’t have to follow such traditional routine for his/her work. If you consider above reason only, then there is a strong logic to accept own boss theory in freelancing. But, most of the cases, there are lots of examples you will find which doesn’t support the own boss theory in freelancing jobs.

Let’s share a real life story with you. About one year ago, I got an invitation of a freelance job interview in Odesk. I had two more ongoing jobs at the same time and for those jobs I had to available in online during work (off course as per client’s instructions). Both of those freelance jobs were low budget jobs and I was searching a fair budget job for me. Anyway, the clients asked me following during job interview.

  • Whether I am able to work as per their standard time or not?
  • Whether I am able to work solely for them or not?
  • Whether I am able to response for work anytime they want?
  • Whether I am able to be online 24 hours or not?

There were some more questions they asked me; however, I just shared above four questions only for your better understanding about freelance jobs. I didn’t agree with them and obviously I was not hired for that job.

Now figure out the fact. If I agreed with them, I couldn’t set my own time frame for work as I had to work as per their schedule. Not only that, I had to response for new work anytime they want then it obviously crushed my personal life as well. Earning money is not an important factor every time; we have personal life as well, right?

Go to any freelance sites in current days, you will find many jobs posting that demands lots of requirements, deadline etc. Sometime I feel disturbed about it. But this is the reality, if someone will give you money for a work then he/she has right to propose his/her own requirements. Lots of competition is taking place in current freelance marketplace, so it is natural that clients will take the opportunity to hire someone as per their requirements.

I am not discouraging new freelancer. There is not much freedom to set own work routine if you want to be a professional freelancer. As example, think about a full time virtual assistant. What do you think? Don’t they have any work schedule? Are they free to set their own work routine? There may not be a 9 to 5 routine, but they also have a work schedule that set by their clients. Well, you may show example of fixed price jobs. For small fixed price jobs, you shouldn’t show it as example. Think about big fixed price project with a minimum deadline, can you manage lots of free time for you?

So, the conclusion is, own boss theory is not applicable for all freelance jobs. If you are an amateur, then you may apply own boss theory, your own work schedule. But for a professional freelancer who is busy with tight work schedule, usually much busier and less freedom than a traditional job holder. Earning money is not easy, either a traditional job or a freelance job, both workers have to follow a work schedule as per employer’s demand.

Which of the following is TRUE about fixed-price jobs?
e. All of the above.

A good profile includes which of the following?.
e. All of the above.

What is the secret to being a highly successful freelancer on oDesk?

e. All of the above.

Before you apply for a job, what questions should you ask yourself?

d. All of the above.

Which of the following is TRUE about hourly jobs?
d. All of the above.

What is one smart way to prove you’re right for the job?
c. Offer to do a short, paid “test project” to show you have the necessary skills.

Which statement about the Team app is FALSE?
c. The Team App must be used for fixed-price contracts. 

What kind of profile image works best for attracting clients?
a. A picture of me smiling, because it’s considered more trustworthy and pleasant.

oDesk charges clients 10% of what they pay on your contract.
a. True.

What do you need to be successful on oDesk?
e. All of the above.

 Hope you find this post “odesk readiness test” useful for you.


Among all internet freelance jobs, content writing is one of the most popular and familiar jobs. To meet the growing demand of website contents or SEO back link building purpose, the demand of content writing in internet freelance jobs increasing so fast. A good content is the most effectual way to support a business and build trust as well with your prospects. In this content, I will try to show the tips of content writing. I hope it will help to new freelancers who want to build their career in internet freelance jobs as content writer.

Content writing in internet freelance jobs is not so hard but not as simple as many people’s think. However, following some tips may make your content writing task easy for you. To begin with, defining the target audience is significant as you have to know what the audiences are expecting from your content. Once you select the target audience, the second task is choosing the most suitable keywords that will help your content to become SEO friendly. You may think why an article should be SEO friendly. The answer is so simple. You are not the one who is going to publish an article on a topic. There are many content writers publish the articles around the web. So, the more your article is SEO friendly the more opportunity for your article to appear to the visitors.

After choosing the keyword, now select the proper topic to write. As example, if you are going to write on the keyword internet freelance jobs, then the topic should like this, “how to start internet freelance jobs?” Writing an ideal article in the first try is certainly not going to occur. But you should not be worried about it. Just write down whatever in your mind about certain topic. However, make confirm to write the key points in the first paragraph to make your subject clear among the readers. To make your content SEO friendly, don’t forget to include the selected keyword in the title. One more thing, try to add few questions in your contents to make it more appealing and credible.

After finishing your content, you should check the grammar, sentence flow and originality of your content before publishing it. You will find lots of free grammar and originality checking sites around the web. As a starter content writer in internet freelance jobs sector, you may try one of those sites for checking your content.

As i shared earlier about 10 popular internet freelance jobs site, now i am going to share you top six popular internet freelance jobs based on employers demand and freelancer’s interest. Here are short discussions of top six internet freelance jobs.

Data Entry- Data entry, most probably the most popular internet freelance jobs among freelancers as it is easy and variety of jobs available in data entry category. Jobs quantity in data entry category are usually much more than any other jobs category. So, as usually many freelancers got interest to bid this category. Budget for data entry jobs usually low, but depends on work volume or requirements, some data entry jobs with high budget also available. Big budget data entry jobs usually more complex than simple data entry and such types of internet freelance jobs usually awarded by experienced and advanced data entry professionals.

SEO- Search engine optimization jobs, the most important and most demanded internet freelance jobs among all categories. In today’s internet freelance jobs sector, many freelancers showing their interest into SEO based jobs. After data entry, this is probably the second internet freelance jobs based on posted jobs quantity and freelancer’s interest. Budget for such types of internet freelance jobs usually varies. You will find lower to big budget jobs in this category that depends on employer requirements. This type of jobs sometimes could be a long term opportunity for right candidates.

Content writing– The more the internet freelance jobs sector growing, the more demand of content writing is taking place. Content is an obvious requirement for any website. So, the demand of content writing jobs also growing. It is probable they 3rd popular internet freelance jobs based on posted job quantity and freelancer’s interest. In this job category, you will find both low and high budget jobs based on employer’s requirements.

SMM- Social media marketing, another most popular and fourth popular jobs among internet freelance jobs categories. Based on employers interest and freelancer activities in this job category. This type of jobs sometimes could be a long term opportunity for right candidates.

Email marketing and virtual assistant- I have considered both of these jobs as same popular as in my list. Based on employer’s requirement and freelancers activities, both of these freelance jobs has already proven it’s popularity in internet freelance jobs categories.

If you are a newcomer in internet freelance jobs sector, you may try your skills into one or two jobs categories based on your expertise. Don’t jump to all categories as it will bring nothing for you. You should remember, quality is better than quantity. If you can show your skills in specific jobs, there are plenty of job opportunities will open into same categories.

Stay tune with us for more posts.

For internet freelance job seekers, this list is so important. It is important for you to know about most popular freelance jobs sites in current internet freelance jobs sector. A list of freelance sites is given below as per popularity and users.
Freelancer-, probably the most popular internet freelance jobs site containing maximum users. As per their latest data, they have about 9.3 million users. This site is maintaining its popularity over the last couples of years. One of the largest online based job sites among internet freelance jobs sector containing about 1 million users and 50k employers.
Odesk- Odesk is one of the most popular freelance sites among internet freelance jobs sector. This platform is especially popular as it has lots of low budget project and very useful for beginners. In Asian, South east and South asian region, this sites has gained huge popularity over the last couples of years.
Elance- Elance, another big freelance site among internet freelance jobs sector. This site is continuing its growing popularity just behind the and Odesk.
Ifreelance- Ifreelance is another familiar freelance platform among internet freelance jobs sector. Comparing popularity, it is far behind from above freelance platform but it is performing as slow and steady. It is popular in internet freelance jobs sector for wide variety of projects. This site contains lots of short projects.
PPH- Peopleperhour, another great and user friendly freelance jobs sites among internet freelance jobs sectors with lots of features for both freelancers and employers.
Iwriter- Iwriter is a great site in internet freelance jobs sector that is specially originated for writers. If you are a good writer and want to earn handsome amount through article, you can try for it.
99designs- This freelance job site is originated in internet freelance jobs sector especially for designers.