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What are blogs?
Blogs are logs that are done on the web on a regular base by their authors. Even though blogs are usually filled of information that is related to specific topics, there are some cases where they are used daily as diaries of people’s personal lives, their views on politics, and even some times used as social commentaries. So when you ask what are blogs? The truth is blogs can be put into whatever you the author of the blogs wants them to be.
By blogging you give yourself the chance to write information that is unique to who you are and about what your practice is. Even though by blogging it gives you the chance to be able to interact with those who visit and gives you the chance to be able to promote who you are and what you are all about. Even though, there are still those who may find it uncomfortable with promoting themselves.
Today alone there are several different types of ways blogs are being used for. With just a few of them being for communication and interaction with customers and even other stake holders. Even newspapers have in cooperated blogs to their main websites to help with offering a new channel for their fellow writers. By having blogs people are also able to share with the world their knowledge and expertise they have on certain topics.
So when you ask the question What are blogs be prepared to find not just plenty of information about what blogs are but plenty of different types and styles of blogs that are out there available to see and read. Just to give you a little more information about what blogs are and what they are not.
Websites: A normal website usually has a home page with links that will take you to sub-pages that show you more detail. These aren’t what are blogs, so don’t confuse the two.
Blogs: they contain a single page with entries on it, they are more organized in reverse-chronological order, is normally public, the entries are usually only from a single author and usually are a stream of consciousness. When you ask: what are blogs? Make sure that you don’t confuse the two. Just by simple keeping these few things in mind when you are looking on the internet you will be sure to be able to tell the different in what blogs are and what a regular website is.

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We ask this question “which is better” many times when we are in a dilemma about which one to choose between two things. ‘Better’ means desirable or suitable or of superior quality, valuable or pleasing. The word ‘better’ is used for comparing. ‘Which is better’ means which is superior to another; which is of excellent quality than the other; which is more skilled than the other; or which works better than the other. After comparing two things, items or works, we come to a conclusion about which is better of the two or easier to use.
We use the technique of compare and contrast to find out which is better. Compare means finding how two things are similar, and contrast means finding how two things are different. By understanding about the similarities and dissimilarities, we can connect those things and judge which is better.
Comparing and contrasting enables us to make a better choice between things and decide which is better. There are many sites available on the internet, which give information about pros and cons of different things to compare. Some websites give opinions of people who have used those particular products or have experience of doing those things. Some sites conduct opinion polls or surveys to get feedback from people about the things. The amount of votes or results of the survey help us to decide what to choose, and which is better.
Opinion polls and surveys are conducted on a wide range of subjects under various categories. Categories can include home, decor, vehicles, electronics, technology, education, sports, entertainment, loan schemes, tourism, health, food and many other things. Here, people get to vote between two items or choices, or they can convey their opinion about the pros and cons of the two items. People do this on the basis of their experience, preference and judgment. Others can take all these things into consideration and come to a decision regarding which is better.
The following are a few examples by category, about what people generally want to know which is better:

1. Vehicle:
• Mercedes or Cadillac?
• Sedan or SUV?
• Gas or Diesel?

2. Health:
• Tea or Coffee?
• Butter or Margarine?
• Walking or elliptical?

3. Technology:
• Android or iOS?
• Windows or Linux?
• Laser or Inkjet?

4. Places:
• New York or San Francisco?
• Melbourne or Adelaide?
• Paris or London?

5. Education:
• Psychology or Psychiatry?
• Yale or Stanford?
• Regular or Distance Learning?

6. Electronics:
• Cannon or Nikon?
• iPhone or Samsung Phone?

7. Sports:
• Sports Drinks or Water?
• Sports or Video Games?
• Sports or Music?

8. General:
• Blogger or WordPress?
• Love or infatuation?
• Health or Wealth?

If we know beforehand that a particular product is better, we can take that into consideration while buying that product. If we know which tourist destination is better, we can choose where to spend our holidays. Knowing which is better helps us to get a better perspective, and we can act accordingly.