At present, if you are working internet freelance jobs and you have couples of contract in your hand that means you are not actually free to do your work as your desired time schedule. So, if you are working with couples of clients, you should prepare a flexible work schedule after discussing with your employers so that everybody will be benefited.

If you are stuck with lots of work and failing to maintain deadline, then it might create a negative impact on your internet freelance jobs contracts and feedback as well. Many freelancers do this same mistake while they are in internet freelance jobs. They start too many contracts at a time without a proper work schedule and later, they can’t provide the work to their clients within expected deadline. Consequently, it makes a bad impression among clients that hampers the probability of getting future work or minimizes the chances of long term contract.

So, what is the solution? Being a freelancer in internet freelance jobs, you must be agreed that maintaining a good relationship with your current client will make the door open for future success. So, it’s obvious that you have to make your clients happy through your work. This not only depends on your work quality but also depends on your communication, commitment and deadline. Finishing the task within deadline is the most important thing among all.

So, what to do if you want to finish your internet freelance jobs within deadline? I hope you already got my point. You must have a flexible work schedule. Don’t create it by own. Discuss with your employers, make the best fit schedule for each task and continue your internet freelance jobs. It will help you to maintain your online freelance jobs hassle free and build a good reputation with your clients. The main important thing is you don’t have to miss the deadline. That means, your clients will not be dissatisfied and you will have good feedback after ending the contract.


Internet freelance jobs are going to be established as today’s choice for job seekers. Since internet freelance jobs don’t require any office, there is no obligation to work under someone, there is an option for choosing own work schedule, so the skilled housewives, students, skilled peoples are showing their interest for this types of job. It’s a simple answer to the question “why internet freelance jobs are becoming popular”. If you do some analysis, you will find something more which are behind to make internet freelance jobs popular.
Now a day, comparing the growing population the traditional jobs market are becoming smaller and more competitive than earlier times especially in the developing countries, least developed countries and third world. The scenario is not so good in developed countries as well. Comparing any other times, now educated and skills peoples are also higher in quantity.
Now look as per the view of employers. As an employer, anyone wants to get the work completed in exchange of lower cost. The option of internet freelance jobs makes the door open for them. There are many popular freelance jobs platform creates the opportunity to hire, pay and get the work done. Employers are showing their interest to take this opportunity and post their projects to hire someone. As a freelancer, many applicants are trying to get these jobs, make their bid and the employers choose the freelancers as per their requirements.
Internet freelance jobs are the craze of today’s young generation especially who want to do their work independently. Some freelancers take internet freelance jobs as their profession and some take it as part time work to make some extra money. Whatever the reason it is, the fact is the sector of internet freelance jobs is not as small as like earlier. You don’t have to go outside of your house and you can start your income only through a computer with internet connectivity. Skill is an obvious requirement as well to get internet freelance jobs. You have all equipment without skills and you want to get internet freelance jobs, isn’t that funny?
Internet freelance jobs are now so popular, there is no doubt. However, you should have proper preparation before entering this sector. This is going to be a large sector in now a day but remember about the competition that is also increasing. Internet freelance jobs are now a platform where billion dollars transaction are made in every month and it is expecting to increase more in near future. So, make preparation properly to fit yourself to be a part of this sector.

We ask this question “which is better” many times when we are in a dilemma about which one to choose between two things. ‘Better’ means desirable or suitable or of superior quality, valuable or pleasing. The word ‘better’ is used for comparing. ‘Which is better’ means which is superior to another; which is of excellent quality than the other; which is more skilled than the other; or which works better than the other. After comparing two things, items or works, we come to a conclusion about which is better of the two or easier to use.
We use the technique of compare and contrast to find out which is better. Compare means finding how two things are similar, and contrast means finding how two things are different. By understanding about the similarities and dissimilarities, we can connect those things and judge which is better.
Comparing and contrasting enables us to make a better choice between things and decide which is better. There are many sites available on the internet, which give information about pros and cons of different things to compare. Some websites give opinions of people who have used those particular products or have experience of doing those things. Some sites conduct opinion polls or surveys to get feedback from people about the things. The amount of votes or results of the survey help us to decide what to choose, and which is better.
Opinion polls and surveys are conducted on a wide range of subjects under various categories. Categories can include home, decor, vehicles, electronics, technology, education, sports, entertainment, loan schemes, tourism, health, food and many other things. Here, people get to vote between two items or choices, or they can convey their opinion about the pros and cons of the two items. People do this on the basis of their experience, preference and judgment. Others can take all these things into consideration and come to a decision regarding which is better.
The following are a few examples by category, about what people generally want to know which is better:

1. Vehicle:
• Mercedes or Cadillac?
• Sedan or SUV?
• Gas or Diesel?

2. Health:
• Tea or Coffee?
• Butter or Margarine?
• Walking or elliptical?

3. Technology:
• Android or iOS?
• Windows or Linux?
• Laser or Inkjet?

4. Places:
• New York or San Francisco?
• Melbourne or Adelaide?
• Paris or London?

5. Education:
• Psychology or Psychiatry?
• Yale or Stanford?
• Regular or Distance Learning?

6. Electronics:
• Cannon or Nikon?
• iPhone or Samsung Phone?

7. Sports:
• Sports Drinks or Water?
• Sports or Video Games?
• Sports or Music?

8. General:
• Blogger or WordPress?
• Love or infatuation?
• Health or Wealth?

If we know beforehand that a particular product is better, we can take that into consideration while buying that product. If we know which tourist destination is better, we can choose where to spend our holidays. Knowing which is better helps us to get a better perspective, and we can act accordingly.

How to get a job in Odesk? There is no doubt that Odesk already secured its position as the most popular freelance platform among the freelancers especially among the new freelancers. As we all know that Odesk is a popular freelance platform where you will find lots of small, medium and big budget jobs. It is easy to use facilities, and small jobs availability has already established it as a popular platform for freelancers.

Peoples seeking their first job in Odesk usually feel worried that how to get a job in Odesk. There is nothing to surprise as lots of new freelancers are joining here to search job. There are many experienced and skilled freelancers already secured their position and bidding for a new job. Hence the overall competition is tough for a newcomer.

Here, I am going to share some tips that will provide direction about how to get a job in Odesk. I should have to say that how to get a first job in Odesk if i consider you as a newcomer. Well, first you should set your mind that which field you are skilled and on which field you want to continue your freelance career. Bidding lots of various jobs will just make your job application quota empty, nothing else! So, choose your favorite jobs category at first and then take a decision for bidding. As a beginner, you should choose two jobs category to bid.

After choosing your favorite job category, start bidding. Always try to bid as soon as the job posted as this will increase the chance of your win. Many employers want to get their job done as urgent basis, and in such job postings, you will have an opportunity to get a job in Odesk. This is the first tip that shows you how to get a job in Odesk.

Check the employer’s payment history and past reviews. It will help you to make a proper decision for bidding job. It is suggested not to bid any job where an employer has poor reviews and no verified payment method. Don’t work for any employer who posts for a fixed price job but later asking for a test job unless an employer has a very good past track record. Asking for a test job is not a bad deal as an employer should have to be confirmed about your skills before hiring. Odesk doesn’t offer any mediation and some employers take this opportunity in an unethical way. I also had to face such cases, believe me; I still not find any solution. Any way, to avoid such a situation, now I try to avoid test task whatever the employer’s previous record is.

Anyway, if you are newcomer, try to bid lowest to get your first job in Odesk so far the concern is getting a job and making a good profile. Some employers are looking for the lowest bidder for some simple and easy tasks. For such jobs, this strategy has a high possibility to work. Remember that it depends on the nature of the job. For a web or software development task, SEO or quality content writing type’s jobs this strategy will not work. It is suitable for simple data entry, copy-paste type’s job.

You should be choosy while bidding for a job. Do not bid for any job where you have no possibility of getting work. Read full job description carefully and then make a bid. Many job seekers bid without reading full job description that bring nothing for them except making empty their application quota.

I am not telling that following above tips will bear any guarantee, but it obvious that these tips will increase the chance for getting a job. These tips are the solution that gives direction about how to get a job in Odesk. I have gone through this way once, and keep in mind nothing is easy in life. Work hard to get your dream in your hand.

The journey to become a successful freelancer is not as easy as peoples think. Today’s world becoming more competitive day by day and peoples are going to be busy more than earlier. Consequently, the demands of internet freelance jobs are escalating rapidly as busy peoples want to get their work through outsourcing. By this way, a new work arena has come into live that the world introduce as freelancing. At the beginning, it was a little sector where peoples hardly look into it, but today, the scenario is almost different. Though still internet freelance jobs can not take place as an equal alternative of traditional jobs sector. However, observing the pace of it, anyone can say that this sector is going to be more popular than traditional jobs sector.

Now a day, many people are thinking to start their career in internet freelance jobs. The main challenge is most of them do not know how to enter or how to get success in this field. Many of them are conscious about the success in this sector. Consciousness is fair in one sense because the rate of unemployment in all around the world brings lots of new contestants daily in this sector. For this reason, competition in this sector mounting high and higher. However, in spite of having lots of challenges many freelancers are getting success in online freelance jobs.

What are the factors behind their success in internet freelance jobs? What they have, but you don’t have? Being a freelancer, I started my career three years ago. Till to date, I am enjoying this career and looking forward doing something better than earlier. I have never been disappointed and frustrated if I missed any new contract or any ongoing contract ended. I said myself why should I disappoint. This sector is a biggie now a day, and you have jobs somewhere. Just find it and do it. Never lose your hope!

My experience says if you are thinking to start internet freelance jobs then first you should be determined about it. You decide whether you will take it as your first income or secondary income sources. The second thing is, enjoy your work, whatever it is. The third thing is treating any task seriously. The fourth thing maintain professionalism in your work and provide your work within deadline. The final thing is keeping your hope when you have no work in your hand. Bid again and again, work is available in somewhere. You just continue your search and try to get it. Success will be waiting for you, either today or tomorrow.

Useful Tips for how to become a freelancer
Freelancer means working under perosnal schedule. A freelance career is especially beneficial for the housewives and students. It is a part time job to help the people earn extra income living at their own pace. Like every other job, freelance jobs also require certain rules to follow. Let us see which tips are useful for how to become a freelancer.

1. Plan Your Schedule:
How many hours in a week a freelancer can manage for freelance jobs? This is an important thing for a freelancer to keep in mind. It is not easy to become a successful freelancer until you plan your schedule. The housewives can manage to spend forty to sixty hours a week in their freelance jobs, but the men and college students of course cannot input this much time. Well, a freelancer has the advantage to work as much or as less as he / she can manage.

2. Become a Necessity of your clients:
There are a lot of freelance jobs always waiting for a reliable freelancer. There is never short of work and projects. The customers pay well to the freelancers who are committed, hard working and good performing. If you think you have all these abilities and can boost up your career in this field, then what are you waiting for? Join any online marketplace or freelance jobs site and earn as much as you want. Commitment, high performance and meeting the deadline is the keys to success for a freelancer. Once you have managed to commit yourself, the clients would start preferring you from the pool of non professional freelancers.

3. Use Social Media for promotion:
To become a successful freelancer, it is essential to remain actively participating in the conversations of social networking websites. What you can do is can create your professional pages, groups and tweets onto their social networks to let the world know your hidden abilities. The role of social websites in promoting any business cannot be ignored.

4. Reward your Loyal Clients:
The competition in freelance jobs are becoming tight day by day. With the passage of time, a lot of skilled and hard working people are beating this field. In such situations, it is necessary for a person to keep his customers’ trust high. Those who are giving you regular work and offering good prices should be given some discount. Let say you are writing for a website or blog such as come for many years, and then instead of asking them to price you high, you should give them a discount for every post you write.

Social media advertisements and marketing can assist you to increase the awareness of whatever goods your business is offering. Since many of the adult people have trust in adverts of products and brands from friends, social media can be a great help towards the growth of your business.

Social media can somehow be known as social marketing. Customer support is the perfect ways to encourage the sale products. Many corporate tend to use social media as a way to know of how people think of them. Some energetically engage fans in product growth and use social media like an image of concentration to note emerging trends.

Enterprises can get business ideas and knowledge from higher companies that are on the success..

Creating a Facebook page or creating a channel on YouTube, you should want to know how the people you aim at in the social media can be of reach. If you are a beginner, ensure that you keep things simple and not complex.

Targeting your Audience:

The moment you know the people you aim at and have decided the social networks you are going to use you can begin to involve them in whatever issues that you want to pass to them. You have to take into consideration whatever they have to say.

Here are some of the tips of growing your business ion the social media.

1. Begin at a lower speed on Facebook or Twitter.

2. Strategies a plan. Determine what your goals are how your business in the social media is going to be managed.

3. Begin conversing with the people or fans you are targeting by engaging them in conversations. Make sure that you respond with honesty to whatever questions they raise. Lend them your ears to what they comment and don’t forget to thank them for whatever they comment. You may ask questions and do promotions and special offers to attract more fans. You may also engage them in competitions so as to make them actively involved.

5. You can promote your business in the social media by using it to build a relationship with your honest clients. There is no one business that runs without repeat of buyers, and social media are the best way to ensure that they keep coming back.