There are some popular and most demanding freelance jobs available across the freelance job sites which you may try to start or grow your freelance career. Based on the demand and job posting frequency, below jobs are considered as the most popular freelance jobs. Please see the list below.

1) Data Entry
a) Data collection
b) Data mining
c) Data Transfer
d) Data Upload
e) Data extraction
f) Spreadsheet management
g) Data research

2) Search engine optimization ( SEO )
a) Link building
b) keyword research
c) Link wheel.
d) On page SEO
e) Off page SEO

3) Social Media Marketing ( SMM )
a) Twitter follower, Twitter marketing
b) Facebook follower, Facebook Like, Facebook Marketing.
c) Social media manager

4) Administrative support/Customer service
a) Virtual assistant, admin assistant
b) Interpreter
c) Call center assistant

5) Web development
a) web design
b) web development
c) Web banner
d) WordPress developver
e) Drupal developer

6) E-commerce
a) Email marketing
b) Magento shopping cart developer
c) e-shop manager- Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba etc.

7) Graphic design
a) Logo design
b) Banner design
c) Animation

8) Website Q&A

9) Software development
a) Mobile apps
b) WordPress plugin
c) Firforx & Safari extension
d) API developer

10) Writing and Translation
a) Blog, Article and web content writing
b) Content translation


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