If you are a fresher or if you are looking for entering into the field of freelancing, you should have some information about this sector as it will help you to find the right ways. Most of the new freelancers lose their destiny in the middle of or in the beginning of their journey only for unawareness of the right direction.

If you are a fully fresher and don’t know anything about this sector, and if you have no idea about where to start from then below list of platform may be helpful for you.

1) Freelancer.com
2) Odesk.com
3) Elance.com
4) Peopleperhour.com
5) ifreelance

There are many more freelance job sites available but above list of freelance sites are generally more popular and reliable than other sites. More specifically, you may start from Odesk as there are lots of small jobs available here for new freelancer.

If you are a new freelancer, then start your bid with small jobs and gain good feedback. Don’t look for money first, try to gain buyer’s trust and try to get some good feedback into your portfolio that will give you more work and money in future.

Try to bid in those jobs which matches to your skills, or which jobs you think yourself as good enough. Don’t waste your time to those jobs which you are not good or average as it will not help you to build your portfolio at the end.

Don’t lose your hope if you fail to get your first freelance job after lots of bid, keep your hope alive. Patience is one of the most important key to success, mind it.

After getting your first job, try to build a strong professional relation with your buyer as a satisfied buyer means the possibility of more work in future.

If you are fresher, don’t bid those jobs where you will find already interviewing or where you will find lots of more capable applicants than you as it will waste your time only and will decrease your application quota.

Try to find out the actual demands of buyer before bidding a job. Go for lowest bid if a buyer seeking for lowest rate. Lowest bid does not work for every jobs, some buyers demand mix experience and rate or high experience and high rate as well.

Be honest with your work, commitment and with your buyer. Don’t try to make fool of your buyer as it might lead negative feedback or report against you that will bring bad result only.

Try to join in various freelancer’s forum as it will help to interact with experienced freelancers and you will gain lots of experience from them. Also it might lead you new work as well.


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