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Understanding the signs a couple of years earlier, it was very easy to presume that the blogging was set to expire a painful end at the hands of Facebook, twitter, linkedin and other social networks sites. While social networking field changed the way of mass people’s communication in online, however, blogging hold its position till now as a major part of things.

In actual fact, the reality is that there is never been a good time to blog. So far the matter related to social networking sector, it provides a great assistance to build audiences and convey the contents to targeted readers. More reputable websites and blogs usually link or aggregate to smaller sites, distributing groups of readers to read articles.

Thus, whether someone is a blogger recurring from a long or short time break, or hunting for a new spot to begin or heading to write in online platform for the first time, couples of best blogging platforms are available for them to start a blog of their own. There are some best blog sites available which came from one of the below blogging platform.

Find the list of best blogging platform across the web, start a free blog of your own and make your sites as the best blog sites through great content.

  1. Blogger
  2. Google+
  3. WordPress
  4. Typepad
  5. LinkedIn Influencers

What are blogs?
Blogs are logs that are done on the web on a regular base by their authors. Even though blogs are usually filled of information that is related to specific topics, there are some cases where they are used daily as diaries of people’s personal lives, their views on politics, and even some times used as social commentaries. So when you ask what are blogs? The truth is blogs can be put into whatever you the author of the blogs wants them to be.
By blogging you give yourself the chance to write information that is unique to who you are and about what your practice is. Even though by blogging it gives you the chance to be able to interact with those who visit and gives you the chance to be able to promote who you are and what you are all about. Even though, there are still those who may find it uncomfortable with promoting themselves.
Today alone there are several different types of ways blogs are being used for. With just a few of them being for communication and interaction with customers and even other stake holders. Even newspapers have in cooperated blogs to their main websites to help with offering a new channel for their fellow writers. By having blogs people are also able to share with the world their knowledge and expertise they have on certain topics.
So when you ask the question What are blogs be prepared to find not just plenty of information about what blogs are but plenty of different types and styles of blogs that are out there available to see and read. Just to give you a little more information about what blogs are and what they are not.
Websites: A normal website usually has a home page with links that will take you to sub-pages that show you more detail. These aren’t what are blogs, so don’t confuse the two.
Blogs: they contain a single page with entries on it, they are more organized in reverse-chronological order, is normally public, the entries are usually only from a single author and usually are a stream of consciousness. When you ask: what are blogs? Make sure that you don’t confuse the two. Just by simple keeping these few things in mind when you are looking on the internet you will be sure to be able to tell the different in what blogs are and what a regular website is.

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