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In recent days, many young peoples, housewives, student or unemployed peoples are desperately looking for freelance jobs for various reasons. Financial reason is one of the most vital reasons, occasionally, some peoples join this platform to utilize their idol time and their skills. However, most of the peoples come in this platform to do something but finish their journey with failure. Some get one or two jobs and finish their journey as a freelancer, some others finish their journey without any jobs in their basket.  What are the reasons behind it? Below you will find some important reasons which make a new freelancer to become failure in this field.

1) Lack of patience

2) Inadequate skills

3) Doing to much bid in non-related jobs.

4) Timing

5) Lack of professionalism in work.

6) Lack of communication skill.

Please find below some important tips to become an effective freelancer.

1) Do bid in those jobs which are related to your most favorite skills.

2) Try and try again. Don’t lose your patience. You will definitely get your first freelance job.

3) Improve your communication skill.

4) Be polite while communicating with buyer/employer.

5) Never miss the deadline of a job.

6) No copy paste cover letter to bid a job. Use your own unique cover letter. Make sure that there are no grammar and spelling mistakes in your cover letter.

7) Use a smiley photo in your profile and provide a good summary including your skills.

8) Don’t try to make fool your prospective employer during an interview.

9) Be honest with your work and commitment.

10) Before bidding a job, please read the job description carefully to get an idea about the demand of an employer.

For now, follow the above instructions if you are  a new or struggling freelancer. I will come with a detail post very soon. Keep visiting our site to get updated post.