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In recent days, many young peoples, housewives, student or unemployed peoples are desperately looking for freelance jobs for various reasons. Financial reason is one of the most vital reasons, occasionally, some peoples join this platform to utilize their idol time and their skills. However, most of the peoples come in this platform to do something but finish their journey with failure. Some get one or two jobs and finish their journey as a freelancer, some others finish their journey without any jobs in their basket.  What are the reasons behind it? Below you will find some important reasons which make a new freelancer to become failure in this field.

1) Lack of patience

2) Inadequate skills

3) Doing to much bid in non-related jobs.

4) Timing

5) Lack of professionalism in work.

6) Lack of communication skill.

Please find below some important tips to become an effective freelancer.

1) Do bid in those jobs which are related to your most favorite skills.

2) Try and try again. Don’t lose your patience. You will definitely get your first freelance job.

3) Improve your communication skill.

4) Be polite while communicating with buyer/employer.

5) Never miss the deadline of a job.

6) No copy paste cover letter to bid a job. Use your own unique cover letter. Make sure that there are no grammar and spelling mistakes in your cover letter.

7) Use a smiley photo in your profile and provide a good summary including your skills.

8) Don’t try to make fool your prospective employer during an interview.

9) Be honest with your work and commitment.

10) Before bidding a job, please read the job description carefully to get an idea about the demand of an employer.

For now, follow the above instructions if you are  a new or struggling freelancer. I will come with a detail post very soon. Keep visiting our site to get updated post.


A common dialogue in freelancing became popular since last couples of years, that is, I am my own boss! The peoples who agreed with this statement must have a reason behind it. A traditional job means 9 am to 5 pm office, right? But on the other hand, a freelancer usually doesn’t have to follow such traditional routine for his/her work. If you consider above reason only, then there is a strong logic to accept own boss theory in freelancing. But, most of the cases, there are lots of examples you will find which doesn’t support the own boss theory in freelancing jobs.

Let’s share a real life story with you. About one year ago, I got an invitation of a freelance job interview in Odesk. I had two more ongoing jobs at the same time and for those jobs I had to available in online during work (off course as per client’s instructions). Both of those freelance jobs were low budget jobs and I was searching a fair budget job for me. Anyway, the clients asked me following during job interview.

  • Whether I am able to work as per their standard time or not?
  • Whether I am able to work solely for them or not?
  • Whether I am able to response for work anytime they want?
  • Whether I am able to be online 24 hours or not?

There were some more questions they asked me; however, I just shared above four questions only for your better understanding about freelance jobs. I didn’t agree with them and obviously I was not hired for that job.

Now figure out the fact. If I agreed with them, I couldn’t set my own time frame for work as I had to work as per their schedule. Not only that, I had to response for new work anytime they want then it obviously crushed my personal life as well. Earning money is not an important factor every time; we have personal life as well, right?

Go to any freelance sites in current days, you will find many jobs posting that demands lots of requirements, deadline etc. Sometime I feel disturbed about it. But this is the reality, if someone will give you money for a work then he/she has right to propose his/her own requirements. Lots of competition is taking place in current freelance marketplace, so it is natural that clients will take the opportunity to hire someone as per their requirements.

I am not discouraging new freelancer. There is not much freedom to set own work routine if you want to be a professional freelancer. As example, think about a full time virtual assistant. What do you think? Don’t they have any work schedule? Are they free to set their own work routine? There may not be a 9 to 5 routine, but they also have a work schedule that set by their clients. Well, you may show example of fixed price jobs. For small fixed price jobs, you shouldn’t show it as example. Think about big fixed price project with a minimum deadline, can you manage lots of free time for you?

So, the conclusion is, own boss theory is not applicable for all freelance jobs. If you are an amateur, then you may apply own boss theory, your own work schedule. But for a professional freelancer who is busy with tight work schedule, usually much busier and less freedom than a traditional job holder. Earning money is not easy, either a traditional job or a freelance job, both workers have to follow a work schedule as per employer’s demand.

At present, if you are working internet freelance jobs and you have couples of contract in your hand that means you are not actually free to do your work as your desired time schedule. So, if you are working with couples of clients, you should prepare a flexible work schedule after discussing with your employers so that everybody will be benefited.

If you are stuck with lots of work and failing to maintain deadline, then it might create a negative impact on your internet freelance jobs contracts and feedback as well. Many freelancers do this same mistake while they are in internet freelance jobs. They start too many contracts at a time without a proper work schedule and later, they can’t provide the work to their clients within expected deadline. Consequently, it makes a bad impression among clients that hampers the probability of getting future work or minimizes the chances of long term contract.

So, what is the solution? Being a freelancer in internet freelance jobs, you must be agreed that maintaining a good relationship with your current client will make the door open for future success. So, it’s obvious that you have to make your clients happy through your work. This not only depends on your work quality but also depends on your communication, commitment and deadline. Finishing the task within deadline is the most important thing among all.

So, what to do if you want to finish your internet freelance jobs within deadline? I hope you already got my point. You must have a flexible work schedule. Don’t create it by own. Discuss with your employers, make the best fit schedule for each task and continue your internet freelance jobs. It will help you to maintain your online freelance jobs hassle free and build a good reputation with your clients. The main important thing is you don’t have to miss the deadline. That means, your clients will not be dissatisfied and you will have good feedback after ending the contract.

Internet freelance jobs are going to be established as today’s choice for job seekers. Since internet freelance jobs don’t require any office, there is no obligation to work under someone, there is an option for choosing own work schedule, so the skilled housewives, students, skilled peoples are showing their interest for this types of job. It’s a simple answer to the question “why internet freelance jobs are becoming popular”. If you do some analysis, you will find something more which are behind to make internet freelance jobs popular.
Now a day, comparing the growing population the traditional jobs market are becoming smaller and more competitive than earlier times especially in the developing countries, least developed countries and third world. The scenario is not so good in developed countries as well. Comparing any other times, now educated and skills peoples are also higher in quantity.
Now look as per the view of employers. As an employer, anyone wants to get the work completed in exchange of lower cost. The option of internet freelance jobs makes the door open for them. There are many popular freelance jobs platform creates the opportunity to hire, pay and get the work done. Employers are showing their interest to take this opportunity and post their projects to hire someone. As a freelancer, many applicants are trying to get these jobs, make their bid and the employers choose the freelancers as per their requirements.
Internet freelance jobs are the craze of today’s young generation especially who want to do their work independently. Some freelancers take internet freelance jobs as their profession and some take it as part time work to make some extra money. Whatever the reason it is, the fact is the sector of internet freelance jobs is not as small as like earlier. You don’t have to go outside of your house and you can start your income only through a computer with internet connectivity. Skill is an obvious requirement as well to get internet freelance jobs. You have all equipment without skills and you want to get internet freelance jobs, isn’t that funny?
Internet freelance jobs are now so popular, there is no doubt. However, you should have proper preparation before entering this sector. This is going to be a large sector in now a day but remember about the competition that is also increasing. Internet freelance jobs are now a platform where billion dollars transaction are made in every month and it is expecting to increase more in near future. So, make preparation properly to fit yourself to be a part of this sector.

The journey to become a successful freelancer is not as easy as peoples think. Today’s world becoming more competitive day by day and peoples are going to be busy more than earlier. Consequently, the demands of internet freelance jobs are escalating rapidly as busy peoples want to get their work through outsourcing. By this way, a new work arena has come into live that the world introduce as freelancing. At the beginning, it was a little sector where peoples hardly look into it, but today, the scenario is almost different. Though still internet freelance jobs can not take place as an equal alternative of traditional jobs sector. However, observing the pace of it, anyone can say that this sector is going to be more popular than traditional jobs sector.

Now a day, many people are thinking to start their career in internet freelance jobs. The main challenge is most of them do not know how to enter or how to get success in this field. Many of them are conscious about the success in this sector. Consciousness is fair in one sense because the rate of unemployment in all around the world brings lots of new contestants daily in this sector. For this reason, competition in this sector mounting high and higher. However, in spite of having lots of challenges many freelancers are getting success in online freelance jobs.

What are the factors behind their success in internet freelance jobs? What they have, but you don’t have? Being a freelancer, I started my career three years ago. Till to date, I am enjoying this career and looking forward doing something better than earlier. I have never been disappointed and frustrated if I missed any new contract or any ongoing contract ended. I said myself why should I disappoint. This sector is a biggie now a day, and you have jobs somewhere. Just find it and do it. Never lose your hope!

My experience says if you are thinking to start internet freelance jobs then first you should be determined about it. You decide whether you will take it as your first income or secondary income sources. The second thing is, enjoy your work, whatever it is. The third thing is treating any task seriously. The fourth thing maintain professionalism in your work and provide your work within deadline. The final thing is keeping your hope when you have no work in your hand. Bid again and again, work is available in somewhere. You just continue your search and try to get it. Success will be waiting for you, either today or tomorrow.