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A common dialogue in freelancing became popular since last couples of years, that is, I am my own boss! The peoples who agreed with this statement must have a reason behind it. A traditional job means 9 am to 5 pm office, right? But on the other hand, a freelancer usually doesn’t have to follow such traditional routine for his/her work. If you consider above reason only, then there is a strong logic to accept own boss theory in freelancing. But, most of the cases, there are lots of examples you will find which doesn’t support the own boss theory in freelancing jobs.

Let’s share a real life story with you. About one year ago, I got an invitation of a freelance job interview in Odesk. I had two more ongoing jobs at the same time and for those jobs I had to available in online during work (off course as per client’s instructions). Both of those freelance jobs were low budget jobs and I was searching a fair budget job for me. Anyway, the clients asked me following during job interview.

  • Whether I am able to work as per their standard time or not?
  • Whether I am able to work solely for them or not?
  • Whether I am able to response for work anytime they want?
  • Whether I am able to be online 24 hours or not?

There were some more questions they asked me; however, I just shared above four questions only for your better understanding about freelance jobs. I didn’t agree with them and obviously I was not hired for that job.

Now figure out the fact. If I agreed with them, I couldn’t set my own time frame for work as I had to work as per their schedule. Not only that, I had to response for new work anytime they want then it obviously crushed my personal life as well. Earning money is not an important factor every time; we have personal life as well, right?

Go to any freelance sites in current days, you will find many jobs posting that demands lots of requirements, deadline etc. Sometime I feel disturbed about it. But this is the reality, if someone will give you money for a work then he/she has right to propose his/her own requirements. Lots of competition is taking place in current freelance marketplace, so it is natural that clients will take the opportunity to hire someone as per their requirements.

I am not discouraging new freelancer. There is not much freedom to set own work routine if you want to be a professional freelancer. As example, think about a full time virtual assistant. What do you think? Don’t they have any work schedule? Are they free to set their own work routine? There may not be a 9 to 5 routine, but they also have a work schedule that set by their clients. Well, you may show example of fixed price jobs. For small fixed price jobs, you shouldn’t show it as example. Think about big fixed price project with a minimum deadline, can you manage lots of free time for you?

So, the conclusion is, own boss theory is not applicable for all freelance jobs. If you are an amateur, then you may apply own boss theory, your own work schedule. But for a professional freelancer who is busy with tight work schedule, usually much busier and less freedom than a traditional job holder. Earning money is not easy, either a traditional job or a freelance job, both workers have to follow a work schedule as per employer’s demand.


The overall number of freelancers doing internet freelance jobs in America is not rigorous, as the more recent report given by the government on contractors who are independent was produced in 2005. At that particular moment, there were nearly 10.3 million American people who were employed as independent freelance jobs contractors of all kind.
The entire number of freelancers who do internet freelance jobs in Europe is also not rigorous although figures from the national statistics office reflected that individuals working mostly either at home or from home increased with time.
Most of the Freelancers who do internet freelance jobs have no apparent reason as to why they freelance. It is gender oriented and the benefits vary with industry and the way of living as a report says that men and women freelance for different purposes.
Survey for female respondents showed that they like the flexibility and freedom that freelance jobs provide, on the other hand survey for male respondents showed they do internet freelance jobs to go for passions that are personal. Freelance jobs also take up workers who have been discouraged who cannot get all day employment, or for those sectors like journalism which depend mostly on contingent workers instead of full-time workers. Freelance jobs include also of students trying to survive during their college time.
Internet freelance jobs has become very common all over the world. . Anybody who can get reliable access to the internet is able to do internet freelance jobs. Online freelance jobs have become a better way of making a coin. For an individual to write an article he/she is given a topic. The heading may enhance the freelancer to gather facts from either memory or use the internet to get related information.
Due to the point that many articles aren’t general knowledge, most freelancers rely on the internet to get the information they require. The internet enables a writer to research extensively for information and with ease. The internet also gives knowledge from several different sites. This always proves to be of assistance. However freelancers must be aware of plagiarism as these types of articles cannot be published.
If a freelancer wants his/her articles produced, they must have originality. Plagiarism is never allowed. There are a number of individuals in this world who are unemployed. Internet freelance jobs are open anybody who is interested and has got skills to offer.