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People’s usually have a tendency to gain something without doing much physical hard work instead of mental labor. You can say it an usual tendency of most of the peoples. In a traditional job, there are lots of formalities available beside assigned work, however, a home based job like freelancing doesn’t require too many formalities such as 9.00-5.00 office hour, official procedure etc. Except some official formalities, there are not too much difference between a traditional office based job and a home based job. The major difference is, you have to go outside to meet the regular duty for a traditional job but for a home based job you can use your home as your virtual office.

As an office based traditional job, you have to perform your work within a time limit set by your boss. A home based job also demand the deadline to finish work. There are lots of job such as graphic design, multimedia, web development and design, accounting, software development and many more works are now available in traditional jobs which are available as well in a home based job. Go to various freelance job platforms, you will find lots of such work. Except field based marketing and technical related job, there are many jobs available which are similar as traditional job and home based job. If so, then why the people have a tendency to prefer a home based job over the traditional job.

The main reason is work independence, adherence to own schedule and opportunity of relaxation instead of having work pressure. In a traditional job, you have to do a work in similar work place where your boss also available almost beside you or in front of you that usually create a automatic mental pressure. However, a home based job platform refer to the work in an own environment and a virtual working place where you are free to set your work schedule considering the deadline. Most of all, someone can do own job in a relaxed condition without having official formalities.