Odesk Readiness Test Assistance- Answers Only

Which of the following is TRUE about fixed-price jobs?
e. All of the above.

A good profile includes which of the following?.
e. All of the above.

What is the secret to being a highly successful freelancer on oDesk?

e. All of the above.

Before you apply for a job, what questions should you ask yourself?

d. All of the above.

Which of the following is TRUE about hourly jobs?
d. All of the above.

What is one smart way to prove you’re right for the job?
c. Offer to do a short, paid “test project” to show you have the necessary skills.

Which statement about the Team app is FALSE?
c. The Team App must be used for fixed-price contracts. 

What kind of profile image works best for attracting clients?
a. A picture of me smiling, because it’s considered more trustworthy and pleasant.

oDesk charges clients 10% of what they pay on your contract.
a. True.

What do you need to be successful on oDesk?
e. All of the above.

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Things to Know about Online Marketing Information

Majority of online business owners seeks reliable online marketing information available around the worldwide web. They try to find marketing information sources with established integrity. These marketing research sources currently exemplify availability in the internet. However, some marketing research results from the internet exhibit inconsistency and inaccuracy.

Website owners do not have the full capacity to control published contents posted by anonymous article writer or blogger. Not all the website owners check the facts that most of the self-proclaimed writers fabricate. This causes discrepancies with information and data published on the website that results to delivery of erroneous facts. Online marketing information needs authentic data in order to fulfill its purpose. Erroneous information could mislead companies and business entities to the path of failure. Online marketing information could be acquire through initiating surveys, constructing marketing research papers, and formulating case analyses.

Initiating surveys pertain to acquiring customer information through questionnaires. This process of gathering data provides customer insights regarding the product. Surveys gather customers’ opinions that lead online businesses to analyze consumers’ buying behavior and purchasing power. Surveys refer to the most common way of interviewing test’s subjects. The process might involve the whole target market segment or cluster sample to represent the whole research subject. Online marketing information gathered through this process usually shows accurate results especially when large number of target market segment participates. Most businesses prefer conducting surveys among other processes because it provides accurate facts.

Constructing marketing research papers comprise various data gathering activities. Marketing research papers usually contain detailed reports pertaining to the market information needed by the online business. Conducting this information gathering process requires supervision coming from marketing research experts. Producing a written report of the marketing research follows some technical rules. Marketing research papers usually follow a format ordained by experts in order to manufacture high quality and presentable report. Online marketing information detailed in these reports commonly comes from borrowed data to other marketing research papers. However, dedicated marketing researches try their best efforts to conduct their own research programs.

The last process that we will tackle in this article concerns business case analysis. Case analysis, also known as the case study, refers to the forceful efforts to provide a detailed report that regards to the areas of development for a certain business.

Gathering of own marketing information could take time and effort. Although, generating own online marketing information provides more reliable facts than seeking information through the internet.

Content writing tips in internet freelance jobs

Among all internet freelance jobs, content writing is one of the most popular and familiar jobs. To meet the growing demand of website contents or SEO back link building purpose, the demand of content writing in internet freelance jobs increasing so fast. A good content is the most effectual way to support a business and build trust as well with your prospects. In this content, I will try to show the tips of content writing. I hope it will help to new freelancers who want to build their career in internet freelance jobs as content writer.

Content writing in internet freelance jobs is not so hard but not as simple as many people’s think. However, following some tips may make your content writing task easy for you. To begin with, defining the target audience is significant as you have to know what the audiences are expecting from your content. Once you select the target audience, the second task is choosing the most suitable keywords that will help your content to become SEO friendly. You may think why an article should be SEO friendly. The answer is so simple. You are not the one who is going to publish an article on a topic. There are many content writers publish the articles around the web. So, the more your article is SEO friendly the more opportunity for your article to appear to the visitors.

After choosing the keyword, now select the proper topic to write. As example, if you are going to write on the keyword internet freelance jobs, then the topic should like this, “how to start internet freelance jobs?” Writing an ideal article in the first try is certainly not going to occur. But you should not be worried about it. Just write down whatever in your mind about certain topic. However, make confirm to write the key points in the first paragraph to make your subject clear among the readers. To make your content SEO friendly, don’t forget to include the selected keyword in the title. One more thing, try to add few questions in your contents to make it more appealing and credible.

After finishing your content, you should check the grammar, sentence flow and originality of your content before publishing it. You will find lots of free grammar and originality checking sites around the web. As a starter content writer in internet freelance jobs sector, you may try one of those sites for checking your content.

Have you ever asked the question what are Blogs?

What are blogs?
Blogs are logs that are done on the web on a regular base by their authors. Even though blogs are usually filled of information that is related to specific topics, there are some cases where they are used daily as diaries of people’s personal lives, their views on politics, and even some times used as social commentaries. So when you ask what are blogs? The truth is blogs can be put into whatever you the author of the blogs wants them to be.
By blogging you give yourself the chance to write information that is unique to who you are and about what your practice is. Even though by blogging it gives you the chance to be able to interact with those who visit and gives you the chance to be able to promote who you are and what you are all about. Even though, there are still those who may find it uncomfortable with promoting themselves.
Today alone there are several different types of ways blogs are being used for. With just a few of them being for communication and interaction with customers and even other stake holders. Even newspapers have in cooperated blogs to their main websites to help with offering a new channel for their fellow writers. By having blogs people are also able to share with the world their knowledge and expertise they have on certain topics.
So when you ask the question What are blogs be prepared to find not just plenty of information about what blogs are but plenty of different types and styles of blogs that are out there available to see and read. Just to give you a little more information about what blogs are and what they are not.
Websites: A normal website usually has a home page with links that will take you to sub-pages that show you more detail. These aren’t what are blogs, so don’t confuse the two.
Blogs: they contain a single page with entries on it, they are more organized in reverse-chronological order, is normally public, the entries are usually only from a single author and usually are a stream of consciousness. When you ask: what are blogs? Make sure that you don’t confuse the two. Just by simple keeping these few things in mind when you are looking on the internet you will be sure to be able to tell the different in what blogs are and what a regular website is.

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Top six internet freelance jobs

As i shared earlier about 10 popular internet freelance jobs site, now i am going to share you top six popular internet freelance jobs based on employers demand and freelancer’s interest. Here are short discussions of top six internet freelance jobs.

Data Entry- Data entry, most probably the most popular internet freelance jobs among freelancers as it is easy and variety of jobs available in data entry category. Jobs quantity in data entry category are usually much more than any other jobs category. So, as usually many freelancers got interest to bid this category. Budget for data entry jobs usually low, but depends on work volume or requirements, some data entry jobs with high budget also available. Big budget data entry jobs usually more complex than simple data entry and such types of internet freelance jobs usually awarded by experienced and advanced data entry professionals.

SEO- Search engine optimization jobs, the most important and most demanded internet freelance jobs among all categories. In today’s internet freelance jobs sector, many freelancers showing their interest into SEO based jobs. After data entry, this is probably the second internet freelance jobs based on posted jobs quantity and freelancer’s interest. Budget for such types of internet freelance jobs usually varies. You will find lower to big budget jobs in this category that depends on employer requirements. This type of jobs sometimes could be a long term opportunity for right candidates.

Content writing- The more the internet freelance jobs sector growing, the more demand of content writing is taking place. Content is an obvious requirement for any website. So, the demand of content writing jobs also growing. It is probable they 3rd popular internet freelance jobs based on posted job quantity and freelancer’s interest. In this job category, you will find both low and high budget jobs based on employer’s requirements.

SMM- Social media marketing, another most popular and fourth popular jobs among internet freelance jobs categories. Based on employers interest and freelancer activities in this job category. This type of jobs sometimes could be a long term opportunity for right candidates.

Email marketing and virtual assistant- I have considered both of these jobs as same popular as in my list. Based on employer’s requirement and freelancers activities, both of these freelance jobs has already proven it’s popularity in internet freelance jobs categories.

If you are a newcomer in internet freelance jobs sector, you may try your skills into one or two jobs categories based on your expertise. Don’t jump to all categories as it will bring nothing for you. You should remember, quality is better than quantity. If you can show your skills in specific jobs, there are plenty of job opportunities will open into same categories.

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Popular Sites in Internet Freelance Jobs

For internet freelance job seekers, this list is so important. It is important for you to know about most popular freelance jobs sites in current internet freelance jobs sector. A list of freelance sites is given below as per popularity and users.
Freelancer- Freelancer.com, probably the most popular internet freelance jobs site containing maximum users. As per their latest data, they have about 9.3 million users. This site is maintaining its popularity over the last couples of years.
Guru.com- One of the largest online based job sites among internet freelance jobs sector containing about 1 million users and 50k employers.
Odesk- Odesk is one of the most popular freelance sites among internet freelance jobs sector. This platform is especially popular as it has lots of low budget project and very useful for beginners. In Asian, South east and South asian region, this sites has gained huge popularity over the last couples of years.
Elance- Elance, another big freelance site among internet freelance jobs sector. This site is continuing its growing popularity just behind the Freelancer.com and Odesk.
Ifreelance- Ifreelance is another familiar freelance platform among internet freelance jobs sector. Comparing popularity, it is far behind from above freelance platform but it is performing as slow and steady.
Fiverr.com- It is popular in internet freelance jobs sector for wide variety of projects. This site contains lots of short projects.
PPH- Peopleperhour, another great and user friendly freelance jobs sites among internet freelance jobs sectors with lots of features for both freelancers and employers.
Iwriter- Iwriter is a great site in internet freelance jobs sector that is specially originated for writers. If you are a good writer and want to earn handsome amount through article, you can try for it.
99designs- This freelance job site is originated in internet freelance jobs sector especially for designers.

Internet Freelance Jobs- Content Writing

Content is King. You must have heard this sentence. This is not only a group of words but also contain huge significance in internet freelance jobs sector. If you are a freelance professional, you should be familiar with the word “SEO”. Once a time when SEO professionals understood only link building as SEO. The more links the more chances to get effective results in search engine, a common perception was established among SEO professionals just one or two years ago. Only this technique is useless now, nothing but wasting time!

Today, for SEO, one has to do lots of things. I will share details in my next post, don’t worry. Let’s back to content writing in internet freelance jobs. Unique and high quality content writing and publishing is the most important task for today’s SEO. Google, the search engine that already gained the 80% participation among thousands of search engines, have changed their search engine optimization policy through Google Panda, Penguin and recently Hummingbird update. The basic ideas of all updates are emphasizing the relevant, unique and high quality content.

If the above sentences are not sufficient enough to make you clear about the importance of original content writing in internet freelance jobs, then there is a simply statement for you. Google or other search engines only reward those sites who filled with most unique and high quality contents, high quality and relevant incoming links and proper on page SEO optimization.

Backlinks from high PR sources or sites such as Article directories, web 2.0 sites, press release sites, Q&A sites, Social bookmarking sites are important but if you post an average content and get a backlink to your sites then it will be useless for you. As I said earlier, Google or any other search engine only give rewards those sites that practicing with original and high quality content. For this reason, there a large door now opens for freelance writers in internet freelance jobs.

Today in every freelance platform, you will find lots of content writing internet freelance jobs available which range is $1-$20 for per article. I have considered $1 as lowest price for per article but it depends on the contract between an employer and a contractor. The common practice about price range is $1-$5 for per article that depends on employer requirements and contractor’s quality. Anyway, the price range for per article differs in difference freelance platform. The fact is the increasing quantity of content writing jobs. It has been found through a recent survey that the demand of content writing as internet freelance jobs are growing day by day.

Why Should Have A Work Schedule in Internet Freelance Jobs?

At present, if you are working internet freelance jobs and you have couples of contract in your hand that means you are not actually free to do your work as your desired time schedule. So, if you are working with couples of clients, you should prepare a flexible work schedule after discussing with your employers so that everybody will be benefited.

If you are stuck with lots of work and failing to maintain deadline, then it might create a negative impact on your internet freelance jobs contracts and feedback as well. Many freelancers do this same mistake while they are in internet freelance jobs. They start too many contracts at a time without a proper work schedule and later, they can’t provide the work to their clients within expected deadline. Consequently, it makes a bad impression among clients that hampers the probability of getting future work or minimizes the chances of long term contract.

So, what is the solution? Being a freelancer in internet freelance jobs, you must be agreed that maintaining a good relationship with your current client will make the door open for future success. So, it’s obvious that you have to make your clients happy through your work. This not only depends on your work quality but also depends on your communication, commitment and deadline. Finishing the task within deadline is the most important thing among all.

So, what to do if you want to finish your internet freelance jobs within deadline? I hope you already got my point. You must have a flexible work schedule. Don’t create it by own. Discuss with your employers, make the best fit schedule for each task and continue your internet freelance jobs. It will help you to maintain your online freelance jobs hassle free and build a good reputation with your clients. The main important thing is you don’t have to miss the deadline. That means, your clients will not be dissatisfied and you will have good feedback after ending the contract.

Alarming Rise in the Number of Anorexia Cases

More and more people are now suffering from eating disorders that can have serious consequences on their health, even causing death. Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge-eating are the most common eating disorders. Persons suffering from Anorexia deprive their body of food which causes health problems. Increase in number of Anorexia cases in recent years is a cause for alarm. Such type of disorder affects the physical and emotional health of the person, requiring professional help.
Around 10% of people suffering from eating disorders are Anorexic. The number of Anorexia cases is more young people, but children as young as 5 or people as old as 90 have also been found to suffer from it. Anorexia is most prevalent in adolescent girls between 15 to 19 years of age. Even school girls aged 6 to 12 years are now getting concerned about becoming overweight. It is estimated that in the United Kingdom, nearly 5% of young girls have Anorexia. In the US, 1 in every 200 women suffers from it. Anorexia is most commonly found in women but it is prevalent in men too. The number of Anorexia cases is increasing every year around the world.
Symptoms seen Anorexia patients:
•Weakness and dehydration
•Extreme loss of weight
•Denying hunger and doing excessive exercise
•Constant obsession about weight, so that even thin persons think they are overweight
Chief factors responsible for rising number of Anorexia cases include:
•Overprotective and critical parents
•Desire to be socially accepted
•Obsessive need for weight control
•Influence of media and size zero actresses & models
Health problems caused due to Anorexia:
A number of Anorexia patients suffer from severe health problems from which it is very difficult to recover. Due to starvation, the body does not get the essential nutrients needed for normal functioning. It is forced to slow down its regular functions to save energy, resulting in several health problems such as:
•Very slow heart rate and low blood pressure due to change in muscle of the heart; Could cause heart failure and even death
•Muscle loss, fatigue and overall weakness
•Severe dehydration leading to kidney stones or kidney failure
•Osteoporosis or reduction in bone density due to calcium deficiency resulting in dry and brittle bones; in a number of Anorexia cases, the bones become so fragile that slight jerk can cause a fracture.
•Dry skin and hair; hair loss
•Bowel irritation and constipation
•A number of Anorexia cases show growth of a fine downy layer of hair called Lanugo all over the body.
Treatment for Anorexia:
In a number of Anorexia cases, patients are very weak and need hospitalization. Many patients may require force-feeding and given healthy, nutritious diet, although in most countries, adults can be force-fed only if doctors think they are not capable of making rational decisions for themselves. Anorexia patients need to be given advice about what is a healthy diet and what are the advantages of eating a healthy diet to maintain good health.
Out of total number of Anorexia cases, it has been found that about one-third of the patients get full recovery, another one-third get their health improved significantly, and the remaining never recover.

Why internet freelance jobs are becoming popular?

Internet freelance jobs are going to be established as today’s choice for job seekers. Since internet freelance jobs don’t require any office, there is no obligation to work under someone, there is an option for choosing own work schedule, so the skilled housewives, students, skilled peoples are showing their interest for this types of job. It’s a simple answer to the question “why internet freelance jobs are becoming popular”. If you do some analysis, you will find something more which are behind to make internet freelance jobs popular.
Now a day, comparing the growing population the traditional jobs market are becoming smaller and more competitive than earlier times especially in the developing countries, least developed countries and third world. The scenario is not so good in developed countries as well. Comparing any other times, now educated and skills peoples are also higher in quantity.
Now look as per the view of employers. As an employer, anyone wants to get the work completed in exchange of lower cost. The option of internet freelance jobs makes the door open for them. There are many popular freelance jobs platform creates the opportunity to hire, pay and get the work done. Employers are showing their interest to take this opportunity and post their projects to hire someone. As a freelancer, many applicants are trying to get these jobs, make their bid and the employers choose the freelancers as per their requirements.
Internet freelance jobs are the craze of today’s young generation especially who want to do their work independently. Some freelancers take internet freelance jobs as their profession and some take it as part time work to make some extra money. Whatever the reason it is, the fact is the sector of internet freelance jobs is not as small as like earlier. You don’t have to go outside of your house and you can start your income only through a computer with internet connectivity. Skill is an obvious requirement as well to get internet freelance jobs. You have all equipment without skills and you want to get internet freelance jobs, isn’t that funny?
Internet freelance jobs are now so popular, there is no doubt. However, you should have proper preparation before entering this sector. This is going to be a large sector in now a day but remember about the competition that is also increasing. Internet freelance jobs are now a platform where billion dollars transaction are made in every month and it is expecting to increase more in near future. So, make preparation properly to fit yourself to be a part of this sector.