Women’s Participation in Freelancing

Posted: February 13, 2015 in Business

As a hassle free and apart from traditional job, freelancing now become the strongest choice for job hunters, especially for women, who have to manage their family duties. Women play a vital role in family and most of the cases they have to sacrifice their career due to family responsibilities. In the least developed, developed or non-developed countries, this problem is very much known. For the women who are facing such problems, freelance jobs lead them a way to build a virtual career which not only provide them a self dignity but also help them to make self dependent through financial supports.

Since there are no binding to maintain a routine based office duty, so even a housewife also can participate herself into a freelance job as she has full independence to manage the work schedule. For this reason, women’s participation into freelance job is growing rapidly day by day, especially in lower or middle income range countries. Reviewing the women’s participation into freelance jobs in last couples of years, it is almost clear that women’s will rule this sector in upcoming future, which is really appreciable.

However, the current scenario is not similar in couples of years ago! It was seen that the participation of women into freelance jobs were not mentionable even in couples of years ago. The day has passed; freelancing became an alternative career against the traditional jobs that slowly attracted the women to enter this sector. Their contribution and participation in this sector made this sector more developed than earlier. It has noticed that many female freelancers are performing much better than other male freelancers that made everybody proud.

Anyway, the participation of women in the freelance job sector will definitely make this sector more established and more trustworthy in upcoming future which will help to bring more women freelancers into this sector.


Things to Know about Internet Marketing

Posted: December 19, 2014 in Business

Online marketing has established itself as an effective marketing approach used by various business concerns. The entrepreneur smacks into worldwide contest for goods hence the essence of business operations to be coined on online marketing. There has been a boost on the internet marketing due to developments in the technology industry. It is the most preferred mode of advertising for businesses, brands and organizations. This has attested to be the means of reaching all niches of the entire market segments. International connectivity has increase competition hence the need to take advantage of a flourishing market.

Internet marketing is critical in attracting superior sales leads, improving enterprise turnover and increasing sustainability in the operation of business. On the other hand, it is essential in enhancing business revenue, edging competitors and positioning the business as the leading business organization. It provides the opportunity for businesses to attract customers and maintain business operations and profitability.

The best approaches to market products are the concern of many businesses: arguably, the following are the best practices for internet marketing. Firstly, selecting the appropriate domain name enables the customers in reaching the website and services offered. This will provide an assurance to the customers that the marketing engine is genuine and professional. The domain name should be easy to find, brief, and connect with the operation of business, in addition to, easy to remember. The venture should seek advice from with the experts in order to boost search ranking hence many customers. Blogging has proved to be a successful way of providing valuable information to customers.

On the other hand, email marketing has confirmed to be the appropriate to be critical in promoting services and goods online. However, there is the need to send newsletter consistently and frequently so as to keep customers abreast of information. Niche marketing is another approach of internet marketing that helps to take messages directly to the probable consumers of their services. This model is tailored to suit the precise subset of possible consumers by rousing their interest on the product of a company. Online marketing can be Geo targeted as well to meet the different niches and deliver different content.

Internet marketing is cheap especially when observing the cost ration and getting in touch with of the target audience. Businesses are able to reach the target market by appealing to their customers’ hence increasing profit and revenue to the enterprise. However, cyber crime and the spam have made it difficult to know the real buyers and thieves.

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In recent days, We are going to be more dependent on virtual solution than earlier days. Peoples are going to be more and more busy with their work and it is creating the opportunity of many virtual assistance jobs. Let me share you what is virtual assistant.

Suppose, you have too much work pressure and you are fully loaded with tons of work, however, you have not enough time to do it yourself. In this situation, you need an assistance from someone who will do some extra works ( assigned by you ) on behalf of you. You will give the access into your files and other required documents to that person who will perform it. In recent days, many busy peoples are hunting for virtual assistant to perform some of their assigned work such as email corresponding, email filtering and reply, organize work schedule, data entry, reporting, presentation etc etc.

Now find the growing prospective of virtual assistant jobs. The world is going much faster than we expected. In today’s busy world, there is not enough time to maintain everything for a single person. So, obviously an assistant is a growing demand for them, Except physical labor, most of the desk related jobs can be outsourced through virtual assistance. Outsourcing also provide the opportunity of selecting peoples through a competitive rate. So, peoples will have a tend to do outsource some of their jobs. By this way, the demand of virtual assistant jobs will grow much more in future than present days.

Let’s make focus on the basic requirements for a virtual assistant job,

1) Expert in communication.

2) Should have extraordinary capacity to consume any new work.

3) Deadline oriented.

Now look at below the popular virtual assistant jobs across the web in recent days.

1) Data entry

2) Maintaining social media, SMM

3) Email shorting and reply.

4) Writing

5) Surveys, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

In recent days, many young peoples, housewives, student or unemployed peoples are desperately looking for freelance jobs for various reasons. Financial reason is one of the most vital reasons, occasionally, some peoples join this platform to utilize their idol time and their skills. However, most of the peoples come in this platform to do something but finish their journey with failure. Some get one or two jobs and finish their journey as a freelancer, some others finish their journey without any jobs in their basket.  What are the reasons behind it? Below you will find some important reasons which make a new freelancer to become failure in this field.

1) Lack of patience

2) Inadequate skills

3) Doing to much bid in non-related jobs.

4) Timing

5) Lack of professionalism in work.

6) Lack of communication skill.

Please find below some important tips to become an effective freelancer.

1) Do bid in those jobs which are related to your most favorite skills.

2) Try and try again. Don’t lose your patience. You will definitely get your first freelance job.

3) Improve your communication skill.

4) Be polite while communicating with buyer/employer.

5) Never miss the deadline of a job.

6) No copy paste cover letter to bid a job. Use your own unique cover letter. Make sure that there are no grammar and spelling mistakes in your cover letter.

7) Use a smiley photo in your profile and provide a good summary including your skills.

8) Don’t try to make fool your prospective employer during an interview.

9) Be honest with your work and commitment.

10) Before bidding a job, please read the job description carefully to get an idea about the demand of an employer.

For now, follow the above instructions if you are  a new or struggling freelancer. I will come with a detail post very soon. Keep visiting our site to get updated post.

People’s usually have a tendency to gain something without doing much physical hard work instead of mental labor. You can say it an usual tendency of most of the peoples. In a traditional job, there are lots of formalities available beside assigned work, however, a home based job like freelancing doesn’t require too many formalities such as 9.00-5.00 office hour, official procedure etc. Except some official formalities, there are not too much difference between a traditional office based job and a home based job. The major difference is, you have to go outside to meet the regular duty for a traditional job but for a home based job you can use your home as your virtual office.

As an office based traditional job, you have to perform your work within a time limit set by your boss. A home based job also demand the deadline to finish work. There are lots of job such as graphic design, multimedia, web development and design, accounting, software development and many more works are now available in traditional jobs which are available as well in a home based job. Go to various freelance job platforms, you will find lots of such work. Except field based marketing and technical related job, there are many jobs available which are similar as traditional job and home based job. If so, then why the people have a tendency to prefer a home based job over the traditional job.

The main reason is work independence, adherence to own schedule and opportunity of relaxation instead of having work pressure. In a traditional job, you have to do a work in similar work place where your boss also available almost beside you or in front of you that usually create a automatic mental pressure. However, a home based job platform refer to the work in an own environment and a virtual working place where you are free to set your work schedule considering the deadline. Most of all, someone can do own job in a relaxed condition without having official formalities.

Understanding the signs a couple of years earlier, it was very easy to presume that the blogging was set to expire a painful end at the hands of Facebook, twitter, linkedin and other social networks sites. While social networking field changed the way of mass people’s communication in online, however, blogging hold its position till now as a major part of things.

In actual fact, the reality is that there is never been a good time to blog. So far the matter related to social networking sector, it provides a great assistance to build audiences and convey the contents to targeted readers. More reputable websites and blogs usually link or aggregate to smaller sites, distributing groups of readers to read articles.

Thus, whether someone is a blogger recurring from a long or short time break, or hunting for a new spot to begin or heading to write in online platform for the first time, couples of best blogging platforms are available for them to start a blog of their own. There are some best blog sites available which came from one of the below blogging platform.

Find the list of best blogging platform across the web, start a free blog of your own and make your sites as the best blog sites through great content.

  1. Blogger
  2. Google+
  3. WordPress
  4. Typepad
  5. LinkedIn Influencers

A common dialogue in freelancing became popular since last couples of years, that is, I am my own boss! The peoples who agreed with this statement must have a reason behind it. A traditional job means 9 am to 5 pm office, right? But on the other hand, a freelancer usually doesn’t have to follow such traditional routine for his/her work. If you consider above reason only, then there is a strong logic to accept own boss theory in freelancing. But, most of the cases, there are lots of examples you will find which doesn’t support the own boss theory in freelancing jobs.

Let’s share a real life story with you. About one year ago, I got an invitation of a freelance job interview in Odesk. I had two more ongoing jobs at the same time and for those jobs I had to available in online during work (off course as per client’s instructions). Both of those freelance jobs were low budget jobs and I was searching a fair budget job for me. Anyway, the clients asked me following during job interview.

  • Whether I am able to work as per their standard time or not?
  • Whether I am able to work solely for them or not?
  • Whether I am able to response for work anytime they want?
  • Whether I am able to be online 24 hours or not?

There were some more questions they asked me; however, I just shared above four questions only for your better understanding about freelance jobs. I didn’t agree with them and obviously I was not hired for that job.

Now figure out the fact. If I agreed with them, I couldn’t set my own time frame for work as I had to work as per their schedule. Not only that, I had to response for new work anytime they want then it obviously crushed my personal life as well. Earning money is not an important factor every time; we have personal life as well, right?

Go to any freelance sites in current days, you will find many jobs posting that demands lots of requirements, deadline etc. Sometime I feel disturbed about it. But this is the reality, if someone will give you money for a work then he/she has right to propose his/her own requirements. Lots of competition is taking place in current freelance marketplace, so it is natural that clients will take the opportunity to hire someone as per their requirements.

I am not discouraging new freelancer. There is not much freedom to set own work routine if you want to be a professional freelancer. As example, think about a full time virtual assistant. What do you think? Don’t they have any work schedule? Are they free to set their own work routine? There may not be a 9 to 5 routine, but they also have a work schedule that set by their clients. Well, you may show example of fixed price jobs. For small fixed price jobs, you shouldn’t show it as example. Think about big fixed price project with a minimum deadline, can you manage lots of free time for you?

So, the conclusion is, own boss theory is not applicable for all freelance jobs. If you are an amateur, then you may apply own boss theory, your own work schedule. But for a professional freelancer who is busy with tight work schedule, usually much busier and less freedom than a traditional job holder. Earning money is not easy, either a traditional job or a freelance job, both workers have to follow a work schedule as per employer’s demand.